NCSGNA Announcements


Follow our new Facebook page at for up-to-the-minute news!  If you have anything to share with us, please contact Kristine DeGuzman, Acting Director of Social Media for Northern California SGNA at We love to hear about your unit’s activities, successes, community outreach, teaching and anything that you do that makes you love your job and your team. Send us a picture from National Nurses Week, or tell us some stories about how you celebrated GI Nurses and Associates Week. 

SGNA's Annual Course in Seattle is around the corner!  Connect with us there and share all of your enthusiasm and knowledge with your colleagues when you return. If you can't make it this year, remember there is a scholarship available. This year had two exceptional candidates tie for the scholarship. Start thinking about next year and view the application on our Scholarship page.

Keep posted on other regional and national events on our Calendar page.

Contact to post special announcements, photos or regional news and events, or local job listings here.