As a Regional Society, NCSGNA's primary purpose is to bring the benefits of national membership to SGNA members at the local level. Most of you see this first-hand at our popular semiannual conferences, where members and non-members alike may benefit from the expertise of our speakers. You probably already know that you may contact anyone in the Leadership Directory, since we are all here to help answer questions, and there are links on our website and SGNA's website if you have questions about becoming a member or about becoming certified. If you haven't done so before, or if it's been a while, take a moment to read through the different pages on our website and see what we are about and what we have to offer. If you can take another moment, think about what you might be able to offer us. We run on the energy of volunteers and the generosity of our vendors and the willingness of our speakers to travel and share their knowledge with an enthusiastic audience. We do it for the love of our work, the constant striving for improvement, connecting with peers, and sharing knowledge. If you have a story or a picture to share from your work, we'd love to see it and maybe include it in a future newsletter (contact If you have a talent for design or good computer skills, maybe you'd like to help design a conference brochure sometime. If you would like to work alongside one of the Board Members to see what it's like, in hopes of volunteering for the position someday, check out the directory page and email one of us or talk to us at a conference.

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