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We plan our conferences 18-24 months ahead and we revise our budgets and site amenities as our needs change. We continue to provide high quality GI-specific education --as well as much more-- to our region and visitors twice a year, and we have ended up with a dilemma.

We have outgrown most of our reasonably priced conference locations because so many people attend. We don't want to turn people away by restricting attendance numbers. Nor do we want to raise our prices enough to make up the difference and end up pricing people out. Finally, we don't want to decrease the amenities you all have grown to appreciate and expect. We take pride in our professional conferences, and look forward to finding the best possible solution(s) with feedback from you.

The ABCs of ERCP is a really great hands-on course for beginners and experts alike. Check our conference page for details and registration information.

Our Spring Conference will be in Walnut Creek on St. Patrick's Day. We are seeking your input about any green-colored snacks or refreshments. Check back on the conference page for further details. We look forward to this event!

Job Posting:

Stanford Health Care will be opening a brand new state of the art endoscopy center at the Redwood City campus in July 2018.  We are recruiting for a patient care manager to lead our team who is dedicated to excellent, high quality patient care and continuous process improvement in an energetic environment.   

Click here for the Patient Care Manager job listing.


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